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The Top 4 SEO Techniques To Incorporate In Your Digital Marketing …

shutterstock_248294083In today’s market, the first place most homeowners go to find roofing advice is the internet. They open up their favorite search engine, type in something like “roofing” or “roof repair,” and hit enter. If you want your company to be at the top of those search results, here are 4 techniques you have to incorporate into your digital marketing.

1. Start a blog

A blog does two things for your website. The most important is that it builds a relationship with potential customers. When they do that search for “when do I know if I need a new roof,” and your blog post on “7 Signs You Need a New Roof” comes up, it immediately gives you credibility and authority.

In addition, it harnesses some of the digital marketing resources that help you extend your reach to more potential customers. A blog that averages 3 blog posts per week keeps the search engines current. The posts only need to be 400-600 words long, and you can highlight your expertise in your field.

2. Use the right keywords

As you start each blog post, you should keep in mind the keywords that are most important for that topic. It can be something as simple as “roofing” or “roofing materials” or it could be a longer question. Search engines patrol the internet with bots that automatically look for certain content. By using the right keywords, you’ll maximize the value of your digital marketing efforts.

3. Register with the search engines

This is a step a lot of people will overlook. The search engines are going to find you, but registering your URL manually speeds up the process and makes certain their bots know where to look. It’s an important step that will get your recognized more quickly.

4.Use internal links

SEO is all about improving your rank on the search pages, and links to a page are one of the factors in calculating your site’s rank. You can boost those links by effectively using internal links between the pages within your site. Link back to your home page from each subsequent page and link to your content pages from your blog. It not only makes it easy for visitors to navigate between the pages of your site, but it also pushes up your ranking.

SEO can boost traffic to your website and improve your digital marketing, but always keep your utlimate audience, your customer, in mind .who you’re writing to. While you want to have the keywords in your posts and on your website, the bots aren’t the ones who need a new roof. They don’t have homes. Write on topics that will naturally engage a concerned home or business owner who needs a new roof.

In a conflict between SEO and authenticity, opt for authenticity. In the end, authenticity and sincerity will do more for your business than SEO ever can.