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Digital Marketing Agency Helps You Grow Your Roofing Company

shutterstock_272992703Your roofing company may spend a huge amount of money on marketing, but the small number of customers you get in the process may not be worth it. This is a big problem for companies that may not have a large marketing budget. With consumers making more of their spending decisions online, digital marketing is a worthwhile way to gain the attention of potential customers.

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing

Not only is digital marketing cheaper than traditional forms of marketing like commercials and mass mailings, it has a greater impact on customers. Search Engine Journal found customer leads obtained via search engine optimization, a form of digital marketing, was eight times more effective in closing a sale than through traditional marketing, including direct mail or print ads.

Get discovered by potential customers

The major benefit of having a digital marketing agency help you grow your business is the exposure your roofing company will receive via search engines. According to a study by Interconnected World, 61 percent of Internet users around the world research products online.

Digital marketing significantly affects where your website ranks on search engine result pages. Internet users often start the buyer’s journey by typing in keywords or questions relevant to the products or services they want to buy in a search engine. For roofing this could mean searches for local companies in their area or what is the best roofing material for their house.

A major goal your business should strive toward is landing on the first page of Google and other search engines. Why is this important?

As your roofing business website moves away from the first page, the number of organic search visitors to your site will sharply drop. According to Business2Community, the top three search engine results receive 60 percent of all organic clicks. Once search engine users have the information they need, they are unlikely to look through the other pages past the first. This is why your marketing strategy should aim for the top page.

Educate consumers to make informed roofing decisions

Since the advent of the Internet age, consumers want to learn more about the products through search engines. This is a great chance to educate customers on the products or services they will eventually want to buy. Pew Research Center found 86 percent of consumers used a search engine to learn something new.

As part of a digital marketing strategy, your agency might advise you to write blogs that aim to teach customers about things they are searching for, such as how long roofs last and what kind of roof material is the most durable.

Search engine users benefit because this information is helpful in their decision-making while your business benefits by visitors finding your website through your educational blogs.

Once you’ve established that your company is of value to potential customers, you are in a better position to close the deal and establish long-lasting relationships. Make sure to work with a reputable marketing company to grow your business.